Khaled Miah is a passionate man - passionate about food.

His passion was aroused at the age of 14, when after school, he used to sneak into the kitchen of a local restaurant where his father worked to help him wlth his duties. He was fascinated and intrigued by the ingredients, the colours and aromas of the different herbs and spices. It was at this early stage that Khaled knew that he wanted to and would become a chef, but not just any chef, he dreamed he would be a master chef and would own his own fine dining establishment.

In pursuit of his dreams Khaled, left school and started college to study catering, and still continued to help his father in a real kitchen as often as possible to learn as much as he could about ingredients and flavours. Whilst honing his own craft in the kitchen, Khaled's dream extended to his brother Rashid, who he pushed into studying hospitality and management at college as he knew when the time came to fulfil his ambition he would need someone "front of house".

Khaled's passion and inspiration come from his ingredients, knowing that the fresher they are the better the flavour, which is why his kitchen grinds as many of its own spices daily as is possible. Khaled's finely developed palate is so refined that he is able to delicately flavour food to enhance rather than overwhelm a dish although he can still produce very bold flavours when a dish requires it.

Khaled has taken his time honing his skills and has worked in a number of kitchens to gain experience. He spent some 12 years working in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, attaining the position of head chef, and running a very busy kitchen. When in 2011 Khaled won the highly recognised and regarded Newcastle "Curry Chef of the Year" award he realised that he was ready to move forward to start to fulfil his ambitions.

With the help and support of his family he located his premises, and with time dedication and hard work created ZYKA. Khaled knows and fully understands what is necessary for a fine dining experience, it goes beyond the food and includes the hospitality and the ambience to make an occasion special.

Khalad is confident that Zyka can deliver the fine dining experience for everyone. Supported by brothers Rashid and Mashuk, front of house, he is able to do what he does best and create the best food possible in the kitchen. His menu comprises dishes from all over India, many creations by some of the most famous chefs in the country but given his own personal twist and refinement. Khaled brings a lot of old favourites to life with his nuances and will willingly create a dish for any individual diner providing he has the ingredients available.

Diners - Khaled's passion is for our pleasure.

Long may it continue.

Khalad Miah